CHARALAMPOS TOULKARIDIS (CEO IpHost): “Spirit, passion, devotion, and a pinch of risk”!

“Spirit, passion, devotion, and a pinch of risk”, there is no magic or secret recipes for IpHost. Definitely, the deep knowledge and highly motivated team are the pillars that drive IpHost success. With more than 18 years of presence, IpHost has established a remarkable network of partnerships. Would you like to tell us about the […]

The world of Big Data

Big data is based on the principle that the more you know about something or a situation, the more reliably you can get new information and make predictions about what will happen in the future. Leveraging big data can add value in every way, from automating routine tasks to saving time and money, to revealing […]

The program “Learn and Save” | The 1st public presence of INVESTIMA in Greece, 4/4/2022

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 1st public presence of INVESTIMA in Greece… The Institute of Management of Man-made and Natural Disasters-Nationwide Network for Civil Protection and Crisis Management, the Neas Politias-Oropos Fire Safety Team, the ILIOU Protecta Volunteer Team, the Rescue Team DELTA & the Selected Group EPOPP for Civil Protection […]