What governments should or should not do during an inflation crisis

Most advanced countries all over the world are suffering from skyrocketing inflation for the most part of the year. Inflation can be defined as a broad increase in the prices of goods and services over an extended period. In this case, prices in consumer goods and energy are the ones that have been most inflicted […]

How to better define a brand niche

Niche marketing is a strategy that is often overlooked. It can be the key to success for small businesses and start-ups who are trying to get their brand out there. Niche marketing means choosing a specific market or audience segment and targeting that particular group with your product or service. A brand niche will help […]

The world of Healthcare Analytics

When combined with a suite of business analytics tools and data visualization, health analytics helps managers perform better, providing real-time insights that can inform decisions and deliver actionable insights. With the richness of information provided by healthcare data analytics, providers and administrators are now empowered to make better healthcare and financial decisions, all the while […]