George @VENETIS FOOD HALL, Ilioupoli, Attica, Greece: The partner we would all like to have!

Today 16/6/2022, at 10 am, I met George. I have visited many times the chain of stores in which he works, VENETIS FOOD HALL, in many areas of Athens. The quality of the stores of the VENETIS FOOD HALL chain is known, but today I will not talk about it. Today I want you to […]

The World of Business Intelligence

The term Business Intelligence also generally refers to the set of tools that provides rapid, easy-to-digest access to insights into an organization’s current status, from the data that is available. Business analytics software is the collection of tools used by companies to extract, analyze, and convert data into actionable business insights. Business intelligence tools and […]

CHARALAMPOS TOULKARIDIS (CEO IpHost): “Spirit, passion, devotion, and a pinch of risk”!

“Spirit, passion, devotion, and a pinch of risk”, there is no magic or secret recipes for IpHost. Definitely, the deep knowledge and highly motivated team are the pillars that drive IpHost success. With more than 18 years of presence, IpHost has established a remarkable network of partnerships. Would you like to tell us about the […]