The world of Healthcare Analytics

When combined with a suite of business analytics tools and data visualization, health analytics helps managers perform better, providing real-time insights that can inform decisions and deliver actionable insights. With the richness of information provided by healthcare data analytics, providers and administrators are now empowered to make better healthcare and financial decisions, all the while […]

Joanna Skiftou (Photographer): “Follow your dreams wholeheartedly!!! Respect everyone and everything!!!”

What a pleasure to feature an intimate interview with Joanna Skiftou, a master and romantic photographer that creates by heart. Having achieved a respectable position among the best photographers, Joanna talks about her exciting career, the long but challenging journey, and the ways she keeps herself motivated. Joanna wants not just to make pretty photos; […]

Energy crisis, green transition and the war in Ukraine

The year 2022 will be marked as the year of inflation and an unprecedented energy crisis that resembles that of the 70s. The cost of energy has been skyrocketing, leading to increasing prices in consumer goods as well. Given the most recent published figures, annual inflation in the US is projected to 8,6% so far, […]