The psychology of people during lockdown

When the Covid-19 pandemic started last year, little was known about the impact that lockdowns could have on the population on such a large scale. The constant confinement and restriction of movement has caused discomfort, anxiety, and fear to thousands of people. Some people experience depression, while others look for a way out by using […]

ANNOUNCEMENT of Innovatebiz for the creation and recruitment of the Greek department

Dear friends, With this announcement we would like to first thank the friends and supporters of our project around the world, in the Netherlands and especially in Greece for the trust they have shown us and the support they have offered to our actions and the project in general since January of 2020, when the […]

The world of e-commerce

At this time and age there is no case for you not to have heard of e-commerce. Let’s begin with a short and understandable definition of e-commerce. This form of commerce contains the use of the internet, the World Wide Web and browsing applications and programs of mobile and fixed devices for commercial transactions. More […]