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  • Innovatebiz is a professional consulting magazine that provides the latest insights and tools for business growth and success. Its scientific articles create structural value for the issues that matter most in business and management: entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, and communication solutions.
  • Innovatebiz was founded to highlight best business practices and inspire readers to think expansively, lead with purpose, and drive innovation and entrepreneurship.

Fotis Pantopoulos

  • Communications Specialist, Educator, and Safety Consultant
  • Graduate of the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Athens, with postgraduate studies in Communication and Counseling
  • Since 1990 and for 17 consecutive years I have been selected from a globally recognized country for its expertise in security and I have attended both in Greece and abroad special “schools” for teachers/trainers of adult executives, which has been crucial for my development as an educator in matters of methodology and teaching
  • Since 1995 I have been active in the field of Strategic Communication in Italy and Greece with specialized PR and Consulting projects
  • In 2014 the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Thessaly, at which I am now a Research Associate, integrated my work into its scientific and research activities
  • I develop specialized scientific articles in print and electronic media in the field of Business
  • I manage the communication strategy of people, services, and products
  • My research interests concern various topics, such as strategy, quality of service, social media, online education, Millennials’ interaction with the internet, and alternative tourism
  • Currently, I am developing and leading a teaching program in private education, at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Thessaly and the Hellenic Police Academy
  • Since December 2021 I hold the position of Director of Security, Digital Transformation & Training at the Institute of Manmade and Natural Disasters (IDAFK P.N.C.P.C.M.) in Greece

Alexandra Georgakopoulou

  • Economist and Marketing Specialist
  • BSc Graduate in International and European Economics from Athens University of International Business
  • Awarded after the exchange semester in the Netherlands (2013)
  • Participated in international summer universities in Turkey in 2014 and Italy in 2015
  • (Digital) Marketing Coordinator at International Volunteering Organizations
  • Worked at Nestle (2013) and Saphetor (2016) in Greece
  • MSc in Marketing Management from Rotterdam School of Management (2017)
  • Certifications in E-commerce & Google Analytics
  • Worked at Philips HQ in Amsterdam, NL (2018)
  • Currently working at Unilever NL in the sector of Marketing Services

Stefanos Stagakis

  • Stefanos Stagakis lives in Athens and works in the field of Marketing
  • As a marketing coordinator, he is interested in corporate communication and business strategy
  • He speaks four languages and wants to learn more
  • He takes actively part in European projects such as Erasmus+ actions and training opportunities
  • Until today he has participated in more than 20 projects and initiatives both in Greece and abroad


Ioanna Chalvantzi

  • Degree in Greek Literature from Democritus University of Thrace
  • Graduate of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Thessaly
  • Postgraduate Diploma in the Department of Informatics with Applications in Biomedicine and the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the School of Sciences of the University of Thessaly with the title “Informatics and Computational Biomedicine” with the degree of “Excellent”
  • Doctoral Candidate of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Thessaly
  • Teacher – Member of the E-Learning Research Team of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the School of Sciences of the University of Thessaly

Kelly Ventouratou

  • Marketing Specialist
  • BSc Graduate in International and European Economics from Athens University of International Business
  • Awarded after an exchange semester in the Netherlands (2014)
  • Worked in Nestle in the Marketing department (2016) 
  • Participated as a team coach to a project organized  by an award-winning company, leading a 5-member teamwork on a real business case (2017)
  • Double degree MSc in International Luxury Management from Politecnico di Milano & from Neoma Business School (2018)
  • Worked at Nutricia Hellas, as Junior Brand Manager (2018-2019)
  • Currently working at Sarantis Group as a Junior Brand Manager

Harry Kolyvodiakos

  • Growth Marketing Specialist
  • Support Staff at Innogames GmbH (2017-2018)
  • Growth Marketer/Consultant at GrowthRocks (2018-2019)
  • Currently, working as Growth Specialist at Quintessential SFT
  • Project Coordinator/Consultant at ThinkBiz, the first student entrepreneurship club in Greece (2018-Today)
  • Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications – University of Thessaly

Annie Kelepouri

  • Annie Kelepouri graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature of the Philosophical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • She is also a special educator, having received a degree from the Department of Special Education of the Psychophysiology and Education Study Centre of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • She is about to complete her Master’s degree in Language Education for Refugees and Migrants (LRM) from the Hellenic Open University
  • Since 1999 she has been working in the private and public education as a primary and secondary school educator
  • She has written ten books pertinent to English language certification which have been published by the schools where she has worked
  • She has concentrated for more than 15 years on adaptations of fairy tales, literary texts, theatrical plays and folktales and with the aid of her pupils, she has presented theatrical performances in all end-of-school-year festivals of the school institutions in which she has worked as a language teacher
  • The first time she wrote a children’s book was in 1998 with her book The Riddle of Love, a Viking fairy tale
  • Since 1992 she has written poetry and participated in the 51st Biennale of 2005 with poems from her poem collection “Seasons  exceptionally”
  • She has received a distinction from the Ministry of Education in 2005 on account of her teaching work “Sample Teaching in Extended Schools”
  • For the past 20 years she has written articles for education journals, one of which is the magazine Teacher´s of the Foreign Language Learning Group ‘Eurognosi’
  • In 2001 the same foreign language learning group has honored her with a special distinction for her contribution as a language tutor
  • Since 2005 she has been involved as an oral examiner in the KPG exams
  • She has also taken part in pedagogical conferences with presentations and written announcements
  • Given her experience and expertise, in 2013 she has founded an innovative Greek online school, named ‘Learner Teacherhood’, through which language teachers are welcomed to share their teaching experience

Alexandra Alexopoulou

  • Degree in Greek Literature from University of Patras
  • Joint Master’s Degree on Special Education from the Hellenic Open University and the University of Thessaly
  • Teaching since 2013 in private education as a secondary school educator
  • Publications: A. Alexopoulou, K. Kastampolidou, & C. Bobori, “Multisensory educational game for children with mental retardation” (EJERS)
  • Member of the E-Learning Team of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the School of Sciences of the University of Thessaly

Vangelis Kotselas

  • Bachelor’s degree in the field of Informatics and Telematics from Harokopio University of Athens
  • MSc in Business Analytics at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)
  • Social Media Manager and IT member at Study in Greece, the official portal of Hellenic Republic for Studies in Greece
  • He speaks English language (C2 level)
  • He has taken part in plenty of seminars related to informatics, business, politics and much more
  • He has published many articles related to various topics at studyingreece.edu.gr

Orestis Giannakis

  • Graduate Electrical and Computer Engineer from National Technical University of Athens, 5 year course acknowledged as Master’s degree
  • Piano Degree and Advanced Music Theory Degree
  • Piano Teacher at Social Conservatory since 2016 and Co-Starter of the Vintage Choir of the Conservatory
  • Andros’ Young Pianists Competition finalist (2015)
  • Creator of Lutibi original music project
  • Lindy Hop Dance Teacher (2017-2020)
  • Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Estonia on Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy (2020)
  • Volunteering work at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (2016)
  • Volunteering work at Archipelagos Institute for Marine Conservation (2020)

Manos Andrigiannakis

  • Born in 1999 and raised in Vironas, Athens
  • Columnist and former Editor-in-chief at offlinepost.gr (2019-2020)
  • Published many articles on economics, politics and local affairs at youth websites and local newspapers
  • Member of the administrative council of the Municipal Committee for primary education, Vironas, Athens (2019-)
  • Participated in a lot of seminars regarding business, leadership and management, international relations, politics and I.T.
  • Participated in political simulation conferences, simulating different legislative bodies both domestically and abroad, including simulations of the Greek Parliament, the European Parliament and the City Council
  • Fluent speaker in English (C2 level)

Konstantinos Tziogkou

  • Undergraduate student in Psychology at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Speaks English Language (C1 level)
  • Speaks French Language (B1 level)
  • ECDL Certification
  • Participated in a lot of seminars regarding Psychology, informatics, sports, politics, and much more
  • Table Official at Hellenic Basketball Federation

Rosie Tsela-Drosou

  • Communications Affairs & Chief Editor of Innovatebiz
  • Mental Health Counselor / Career Coach
  • Communication and Talent Acquisition Associate
  • BSc Graduate in Public Relations and Communication
  • MSc in New Media and Journalism from Panteion University
  • MSc in Positive Psychology from Bolton University
  • Research Team and Resource Coordinator of the book “Reflections and Distortions – The Electoral Impact of Social Media in Europe” – Centre of International & European Political Economy & Governance, European Network of Political Foundations, Panagiotis Kakolyris 2020
  • Owner of the sites ResearchCorner  and Empowerment and Acceleration Institute
  • Rosie also has a diploma in Life Coaching and Counseling while she has gained extensively training in Emotion Intelligence. During recent years, she has focused on coaching individuals on unfolding and fostering parental and career aspects

Eleni Damala

  • Health and Mental Scientist / Registered Nurse and Social Worker, too
  • BSc Graduate in Nursing from Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Lamia (awarded: 2005) / Distinction: Ranked 2nd place from graduating class
  • Scholarships: Received scholarships from the State Scholarships Foundation for two consecutive years due to high academic performance (2001-2002 & 2003-2004)
  • MSc in Health Care Management from Hellenic Open University (awarded: 2018)
  • BSc Graduate in Social Working from University of West Attica (awarded: 2021)
  • Speaks fluently English (C2 level) & French (B2 level)
  • She also has the ECDL Certification
  • Participated in a lot of seminars regarding Nursing, Psychology, Social Work, Business Administration and much more
  • Member of the administrative council of the ΄΄Damala Foundation΄΄ for Democracy, Ηigher Education, Cultural Development, Psychophysiology and Science [Piraeus, Athens (2021-today)]
  • She has the proven experience and academic background in nursing and health care management as she has offered her services as a Nurse and Head Nurse in public hospitals in Greece (General Hospital of Piraeus “Tzaneio’’, National Primary Health Care Network (PEDY)-Nikaia Center/Piraeus, General Hospital of Nikaia “Agios Panteleimon”/Piraeus)
  • For the time being, she works as a Registered Nurse at the Department of Healthcare & Social Services at University of West Attica ▪ Public University ▪ Ancient Olive Grove Campus, ATHENS
  • She is dedicated to the nursing profession and accredited Registered Nurse offering the benefit of 14 years’ experience in taking care of patients in the Greek public healthcare system, coupled with social work studies
  • She is member of The Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses (ENNE) since 2005 and also a member of The Ηellenic Association of Social Workers
  • Favourite interests: studying History and travelling

Nikolaos Moros-Pitasakis

  • Registered Social Worker
  • Attending Msc studies in the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program “Pedagogy through Innovative Technologies and Biomedical Approaches”
  • BSc in Social Work University of West Attica
  • BSc in Tourism Business Administration Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Patras
  • Always determined in progress and development following the path of continuous and thorough education in many different fields
  • Dedicated to helping his fellow person and colleagues under all conditions and positions
  • Certified in many therapeutic and psychological modalities Interned in some of the hardest institutions for rehabilitation and treating disorders such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: “Theory and Clinical Practice”, “Dialectical Behavioral Approach to the Treatment of Marginal Personality Disorder”, “Education in Children and Adolescents”, “Psychosocial dimensions of working relationships – Development of their handling skills”, “Clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD”
  • In addition he is been trained to many other subjects like “Building the effective team”, “Negotiation techniques in European institutions and international organizations”, “E-government and citizens”, “Organization and operation”, “Use of Free Open Source Software Applications”, “Training Program for Radio Producers” and more, all conducted by Universities and Official Training Organisations and Institutes
  • He is a certified Network+ Technician and A+ under continuous and updated training
  • He is a Trainer in the training days “Teaching trends-challenges and cultivation of skills in modern learning environments” held under the 2nd Unit (PE70) of PEKES Peloponnese, in the geographical departments of its competence / Presentation topic: “Employment relationships and stress management”
  • Interested also in Developing new and all inclusive Projects of Tourism Businesses Development and a Professional Lifeguard
  • Radio Co Founder and Producer of AnimaRadio.eu
  • Participated in Conferences and introducing new ways of combining social economy and modern social work in a “open eye len” of effective adaption to the continuously changing reality
  • True reformer in action, seeks to bring positive change at all circumstances
  • Focused passionately on his goals: motivation of partners, team development, implementation, execution, coordination
  • Communication skills including social media
  • Empathetic and visionary, with confidentiality, he is capable of making creative and supportive decisions
  • He is an employee of the Hellenic Parliament occupied as Administrative Supporter and PC Operator
  • He is interested in writing novels and texts, poetry, visiting galleries, writing prologues to works by visual artists, reading books, cinema, swimming