ANNOUNCEMENT of Innovatebiz for the creation and recruitment of the Greek department

Dear friends,

With this announcement we would like to first thank the friends and supporters of our project around the world, in the Netherlands and especially in Greece for the trust they have shown us and the support they have offered to our actions and the project in general since January of 2020, when the project took its current form. Especially regarding our presence in Greece, we would like to thank and praise our fellow trainers, but also the trainees, without whose help actions with great success and impact, such as free teacher training, could not be carried out, business executives and online training broadcasts in many subject areas.

Today, 30/3/2021, after 15 months of successful presence in Greece and following our previous announcement, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Greek section of Innovatebiz, a decision we took in order to facilitate the implementation of our actions in Greece and to meet the needs and demands of the Greek public.

This announcement has the character of an INVITATION for the staffing of the Greek department with ten (10) executive positions. For this purpose we request and offer the following:

  • Ten (10) executives, men and women, upon selection
  • University graduates, Postgraduate studies will be appreciated
  • Communication and leadership skills
  • Extroversion, disposition and ability for articles, Web TV actions, Webinars, etc.
  • Very good knowledge of the Greek language, written and oral
  • Knowledge of English at a satisfactory level
  • Computer skills at the level of handling online communication tools, teleconferencing, etc.
  • Places are unpaid. After their selection, the executives will take responsibilities for the promotion of the project in Greece, always with respect to their preferences and time
  • They will be directly included in the scientific potential of Innovatebiz and will be displayed accordingly on the website and the media of the Greek and European project
  • The subsidy of 10 positions from Innovatebiz consists in the free training of executives as trainers based on the Pantopoulos Teaching Project model and the consequent certification and support by Innovatebiz as its permanent collaborators in Greece using its name in their personal projects, as long as they continue to work with Innovatebiz
  • Those interested must send a CV by 11/4/2021 in Greek or English to the mail: [email protected]

Thank you!

The Innovatebiz Team

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