ANNOUNCEMENT / TRAINING SCHEDULE Innovatebiz’s Academy in Greece

Dear colleagues and friends,
Regarding the FREE TRAINING in Greece, offered by My name is Teacher and Innovatebiz (, after consultation with the project body, which is based in the Netherlands, we are pleased to announce the following:
• Registration period: 14/09/2020 – 24/09/2020
• Start of the program: 5/10/2020
• Program end: 13/12/2020
• Program duration: 10 weeks
The training will work with asynchronous support and live lectures. You will be able to choose from the offered teaching subjects what you wish. Participants will be given a certificate of attendance by the organizers of the Program. We will be back to recall registrations and announce organizational details. Thank you for your support!

The team of Innovatebiz’s Academy Program

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