Innovatebiz is the result of a long course of study and professional activity of our team members in the areas of entrepreneurship, education and security.

Our team is made up of people with whom we have connected at various stages of our career and we had the opportunity to appreciate their knowledge and skills, as well as their dedication to our work and purpose. Today, as we have the fortune and honor to start something new, and at the same time to continue all that has brought us to this day, we want to have the people who know, appreciate and can help with us. We are happy that this is happening and we want to thank them!

• We started in the ’90s by attending a Teacher Training School for 17 years, organized by a country that is world-renowned for its enormous investment in executive education.
• At the same time we launched our business in Italy and Greece with the consulting, communication and PR team “PRsolutions e.g.”.
• In the period from 2005 until today we have presented extensive articles in print and electronic media, organized a large number of trainings for teachers throughout Greece, as well as a number of trainings for business executives.
• In 2012 we publicly present the project “My name is Teacher” and “Pantopoulos Teaching Project”. The great success of these projects during its first year of operation made them known all over Greece.
• In 2014, the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Thessaly integrated our work into its scientific and research activities.

Today, we are invited to present and implement the project in the Netherlands. This collaboration emerged after a series of contacts, as the size and impact of the project have made it known outside Greece, especially because of our continued presence in the social media space, where many business executives and general people, who live and work abroad, knew and appreciated our work, giving us the opportunity to present it outside Greece. We want to thank all these people who have supported and continue to support this work for three decades, giving us the strength to be here today!

The invitation we received honors us, but it also gives us great responsibility. The project we are going to implement is in the field of Counseling and has four axes:
1. Educating teachers of all specialties in the field of Didactics, utilizing tools from various sciences that we have creatively integrated into the field of education.
2. Training of business executives in areas such as marketing, management, e-business, public image and other related business objects.
3. Training of VIP staff, as well as in the broader field of security and prevention.
4. The publication of specialized articles, as well as the conduct of studies in the fields of our scientific and professional interests.

Innovatebiz, as the centerpiece of all this progress and projects, will now be active throughout Europe. We are excited about presenting to you the projects we are implementing and we would be more than happy if you could share with us your opinion in relation to your needs. Innovation is about creating something innovative: a new method, idea, product. This has always been our intention and today we are happy to share it with you. Thank you!

Team of Innovatebiz