Collaboration with IDAFK in Greece

The educational project “BRIDGE”

About the project

The purposes of the training are to form the character, which will help young people in their relationships with their fellow human beings, in the development of intelligence, in the transmission and improvement of the national culture, and in the provision of knowledge and skills, in order to gain what is necessary for life, as well as in an effort to adapt to changing social and economic conditions.

In an era of great challenges and unprecedented changes, such as the one we are going through, the collaborations between the institutions are valuable, so that we can jointly face problems and risks in the present, but mainly to secure the future.

Given the concession of the auspices of many state bodies to IDAFK, after our cooperation, big steps were taken by us in the direction of communication with schools and the conduction of training in our areas of responsibility. We were pleased to see the impact of these actions, but at the same time, other concerns arose regarding the more effective dissemination of general philosophy and culture for the new generation in matters of Civil Protection, a reason that led us to plan new actions.

Specifically, we have designed a new program called “Bridge for Education”, which we address to teachers. We believe that visits and training in schools would have a dramatically greater impact and results if collaborations and training with the teachers themselves were held first. After all, as adults, active citizens and educators can become the best ambassadors for the diffusion of the prerequisite culture in order for the effort of all of us regarding Civil Protection to flourish, which by common confession our country urgently needs.