“Education Bridges”: Innovatebiz’s new teaching project!

Thank you for your trust and support!

The ever-increasing needs in the field of new knowledge and the new trends in education indicate and impose new engravings on the philosophy and practice of educational systems. The teaching project “Education Bridges” aims to be a modern educational tool that will creatively, functionally and dynamically connect the last two grades of Primary School in an inseparable unit with the High School and the Lyceum with axes the lessons of Modern Greek and History. This new proposal for dealing with knowledge with perspective and functionality is our bet and we are called to win it with your support, in order to create the teacher of the new era.

We thank our associates Alexandra Alexopoulou and Giota Dakolia who have been following us with confidence for many years. Today, experienced teachers with postgraduate studies and strong friction with the subject, but also having been trained as members of our scientific team in the project which are now called to support and expand, honor us by accepting our proposal for cooperation.
You will have our news soon! Thank you!

The Innovatebiz Team

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