“Line 26”: Telephone support for teachers in Greece initiated by Innovatebiz!

Dear friends, today we are pleased to announce the implementation of another Innovatebiz’s educational initiative in Greece. After the organization of a free training for 800 philologists, which will last 10 weeks (5/10/2020-13/12/2020) and the trainees will attend 7 free courses in the field of Didactics, on October 12, 2020, we announced the start operation of our new project for education.

This is a pioneering project, which aims to support the teachers remotely 5 days a week in their daily teaching needs. The project is called “Line 26 – Telephone Support for Philologists” and is an idea of ​​our collaborator Mr. Fotis Pantopoulos, who implements it in collaboration with his team.

Innovatebiz was pleased to be informed of this excellent and innovative idea and immediately offered the necessary equipment and know-how for its implementation. We believe that continuous teacher training is the foundation of the future! In this effort and in all the others that serve this goal, we will always be present!

The Innovatebiz Team

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