Wonderful news from our educational program in Greece!

In December 2019, we discovered the educational program “My name is Teacher” on YouTube and suggested to its creator Mr. Fotis Pantopoulos to undertake the support of the project and to implement educational projects in Greece for the purpose of free teacher training.
Today, 9 months after the start of this collaboration, we are pleased to announce that we are ready to organize the first long-term training in Greece. The e-learning platform we created for this purpose has 760 philologists registered, who during the period 5/10 to 13/12/2020 (10 weeks) will attend 7 free courses with asynchronous and live teaching.
We would like to thank the team of trainers, most of whom work with us and in the consulting part of our business, to welcome and thank all of you 760 trainees, and -finally- to promise once again that we will continue these projects as long as you show us that you need them!

Remember… education is an investment in the future!
Thanks! 🙂

The Innovatebiz Team

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