The project “My name is Teacher” and “Innovatebiz” collaborate with the “FlexClip” platform

The project “My name is Teacher” (which since January 2020 is under the auspices of Innovatebiz) has been in the field of education since 2012, providing services for students, teachers and business executives. One of the main goals of this project is also the promotion of entrepreneurship. In order to serve this objective “My name is Teacher” is happy to announce the use of Flexclip platform.

Flexclip is a versatile online tool for video making which turns photos and video clips into professional videos in a very easy way and without any design skills being required. Moreover, Flexclip offers a wide variety of videos related to plenty of disciplines such as business, education, lifestyle and social media. In addition, Flexclip provides you with more than 1000 templates which can save a lot of time. We should not forget to mention that through Flexclip we have the ability to add animated texts, funky widgets, dynamic overlays, intros/outros, etc. What is impressive is that we have at our disposal more than 1 million free and high quality videos which we can edit.

One more advantage of this platform is the capability of creating movies regarding business, festivals, events, social media and the capability of combining your photos into a slideshow with the appropriate kind of music.

As it is easily understandable, we decided to use this tool because it satisfies every aspect of our project. Through Flexclip we will be able to provide distance education, high quality videos and most importantly a very innovative environment for our students with a very rich content.

It is more than obvious that Flexclip is the perfect solution for everyone who wants to have a wide range of tools regarding the field of video editing and more. We can say that through Flexclip you can take your organization into another level. Of course, you can try the capabilities of Flexclip in its free version which already provides the basic tools.

We would like to thank the creators of Flexclip for all capabilities that have been offered to us and wish them all the best in everything they do!

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