Gamification: A new world is about to open

First and foremost, how about a world based on video games’ techniques and strategies? This world is exactly what gamification introduces. To be more clear and specific about what gamification is, we can just say that it is the application of notions related to video games in fields that have no connection with them. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that gamification is directly linked to augmented reality. In case you wonder what augmented reality is, I will explain it to you immediately. Augmented reality is the insertion of real-world elements into technology devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. In our century more and more applications based on augmented reality have been developed. Apps for shopping, entertainment, gaming are some examples. It has to be mentioned that specifically in the field of shopping, augmented reality has made the whole procedure faster and more convenient for all consumers since they can shop in one touch and they can also have all the information they need to know about all products directly.

At this point it is necessary to explain how gamification is integrated into augmented reality. As it was previously mentioned, video games in most cases provide a particular system based on challenges, achievements, rewards, cooperation, competition, transactions and more. These elements are used in plenty of augmented reality ‘s applications in many disciplines of our daily lives. For example, many employers in order to make their employees use stairs instead of elevators, they created an application which counts how many times each employee chooses to use the stairs. When a worker achieves to use stairs for a particular number of times then he receives a prize. Another example is that gamification can bring a video game which is being played on computers and consoles into the real world, such as Pokemon Go which is one of the most successful video games based on augmented reality.

Moreover, it is remarkable that nowadays such skills are required in almost all disciplines related to informatics. So it is easily understandable that augmented reality and gamification already play a significant role in this field. Of course, new jobs are now offered and we can say that there is a lack of employees who are knowledgeable about this major and as a result a considerable number of such jobs remain vacant.

All in all, it is safe to speculate that gamification is here to stay and that it will undergo further development in the foreseeable future. We are looking forward to seeing the impact of this new technology in our daily lives.

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