Is cloud computing safe?

First and foremost before mentioning anything about the safety of cloud computing it would be necessary to explain what this type of new technology is. Of course, in 2020 almost everyone who is engaged in technology disciplines is aware of cloud computing but I will explain it in case you are not. 

To begin with, cloud technology means having all your devices connected in one network which can be accessed by any of them anytime and everywhere. In other words, through cloud services you can create anything you want and everyone in the same network can have access to it immediately. In addition we should not forget that cloud computing has solved a vital issue of our age, the issue of devices’ storage. Thanks to cloud technologies anything (files, documents, videos, images etc.) can be stored in one place and stay there forever without requiring space in the memory of devices since they create a virtual memory through the internet. As a result, we can conclude that a very handy and versatile environment is created for literally everyone since in this way all procedures become faster and of course this is something that in the end helps the economy to prosper and people to do the same.

Now it is time to examine the other side of the coin; safety and security. It is very normal when someone hears that “in cloud computing whatever you store is accessible by everyone” to be concerned. So there is a serious probability for our data to be exposed to unknown people? It has to be reported that there is a safe policy behind file sharing. Everyone who has used cloud platforms knows very well that if someone wants to have access to data that belong to someone else they have to ask for permission and on top of that if they want to share these data with other users they have to ask for permission again. What about if there is a problem with the server where data is stored? At this time and age this is not a considerable issue since there are approximately 3 servers for the same data. One last factor we have to take into account regarding security is encryption. This means that when a user acquires access to their own data their connection information (password, IP etc.) are entirely encrypted and as a consequence it becomes very difficult for hackers to breach these data.

All in all, it is true that plenty of conversations have taken place regarding whether cloud technologies are safe or not. What can be said for sure is that cloud computing has brought a revolution to the discipline of technology and people’s lives have been facilitated. In general, cloud platforms provide a safe environment for everyone who wants to get involved. However, all users have to be very careful of what they upload because as always there is a small probability for something to go wrong.

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