Innovatebiz collaborates with and supports the Institute of Management of Man-Made & Natural Disasters in training executives regarding the Sphere Handbook | Athens, Greece, 15/2/2022

We warmly thank our partner in Greece, the “Institute of Management of Man-Made & Natural Disasters”, for the honor of participating as supporters in a very important event for the training of the Institute’s executives on the Sphere Handbook.

The Innovatebiz Team


Training presentation: One of the biggest challenges in emergencies is coordination and optimization, due to several factors, and the knowledge of Sphere standards can help to focus on priorities, create emergency schedules and thus provide a more efficient and balanced humanitarian response.
Scientific presentation: The Sphere Handbook content covers the humanitarian charter to the emergency response sectors considered essential for the first response in this type of exceptional context, thus creating a condition of minimum stability and protection that allows a reorganization of the infrastructure of the affected locations and gradually working towards solutions.

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