Presentation of the projects “My name is Teacher” and “Pantopoulos Teaching Project” at the “International Conference on Planning, Challenges of Disaster Management and Resilience”, February 11-13, 2022, Athens

Our partners in Greece, Ioanna Chalvantzi, Head of the project “My name is Teacher” in Greece, and Fotis Pantopoulos, creator and Head of the Curriculum of the project, presented the history, activities, and new aspects of the project at the “International Conference on Planning, Challenges of Disaster Management and Resilience” on Friday 11/2/2022.

We would like to thank the organizers, the Department of Chemistry of the International University of Greece and the Institute of Natural & Man-made Disasters, for the invitation and for the time they have given us in order to highlight aspects of the project regarding the Teaching of Safety and Prevention in the field of Civil Protection.

Below you can read the ABSTRACT of the presentation …

Utilization of the video for distance education of educators, teachers, and students in matters of Civil Protection in the framework of the projects “My name is Teacher” and “Pantopoulos Teaching Project”

This work aims at the implementation of an educational project using videos on Civil Protection issues. The training by specialists but also by educators trained in the teaching model concerns educators, teachers, and students. The motivation for the study was the realization that Greek society and education appear unprepared and without interesting prospects of change of the situation in the critical -based on the educational philosophy itself and the extreme climatic conditions and other circumstances- issues of Civil Protection. As citizens and educators, we try to tackle the problem by exploiting the potential of new technologies in order to overcome objective obstacles, but also to introduce new methodologies. For this, we used sources such as i) news, which shows the degree/manner of response and the extent of citizens’ ignorance in times of danger, ii) relevant legislation, which often describes vague and/or conflicting training responsibilities on behalf of stakeholders, iii) Curriculum in the Greek school, iv) relevant literature regarding video technology in education, v) relevant philosophy for the use of video as a learning tool by the Teaching Model “PTP”. The first results are very encouraging, as we found that the initial hypothesis for emphasis on know-how and didactics in creating the video without high technical requirements yields high-quality learning outcomes. The novelty of the project is found in the combination of knowledge about Safety and Prevention as products of long education with the educational quality and know-how of video as a training tool.

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