The program “Learn and Save” | The 1st public presence of INVESTIMA in Greece, 4/4/2022

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 1st public presence of INVESTIMA in Greece

The Institute of Management of Man-made and Natural Disasters-Nationwide Network for Civil Protection and Crisis Management, the Neas Politias-Oropos Fire Safety Team, the ILIOU Protecta Volunteer Team, the Rescue Team DELTA & the Selected Group EPOPP for Civil Protection were at the 1st Lyceum of Ilioupolis and the 1st Lyceum of Glyfada for the implementation of the action “Free certified training First Aid programs, Treatment of an injured athlete-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation of infants and children, First Aids in sports, CPR, Information-Training-Disaster Management, Self-help, Self-protection, Rapid Waters, Volcanic Crisis, Information of the Greek Civil Protection System, Information and Implementation of a Study of Parameters for Response to Risks and Crises, Panic Management “.

The action was attended by all teachers, students, parents, attendants, and guardians and in the context of the event (full simulation), fire and earthquake exercises were carried out. In addition, all covid-19 avoidance protocols were followed.

This is the 1st public presence and action of INVESTIMA LLC in Greece. We were there representing Innovatebiz also to support together with our partners the students and their teachers.

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