New educational project by Innovatebiz in Greece: An online show called “SECURITY ISSUES” in the field of VIP Security

Innovatebiz, consistently following its choices for the dissemination of knowledge, proceeded to the implementation of another educational project in Greece. This time the action developed into a new, but well-known and already prominent pillar of her work, VIP Security. The project is implemented in the form of an online show called “SECURITY ISSUES”, which bears the logo of Innovatebiz. The show is presented in Greek. There have already been 13 shows with an emphasis on live streaming, which allows the public to interact by asking questions.

The presenters/trainers, who are among the most specialized in the subject of Security in Greece, with studies and professional experience in the subject both in Greece and abroad, are known from numerous seminars and live trainings in private environment and in official bodies.


Below are the names of the presenters/trainers -in alphabetical order- and the subject that everyone teaches:

Gialitakis Manolis: Owner and Responsible Instructor of the Model Driving Schools of Heraklion “i-drive” ( and the School “SDI VIP GM” (, which provides Security and Transportation of Senior Persons. Teaches the subject “Training of guides accompanying important people”.

Matalliotakis Giannis: Owner and Responsible Instructor of the School “Extended Diamond VIP Academy” ( Teaches the subject “Escort of high personalities-Critical aspects of close protection”.

Pantopoulos Fotis: Communication Specialist-Security Consultant-Scientific Associate of the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications of the University of Thessaly-External Lecturer of the Police Academy ( and Head of Innovatebiz Programs in Greece. He teaches the subject “Work behavior and communication of unarmed pedestrians and on-board security escorts” according to the Israeli model.

We thank the contributors and we are committed to a new series of actions in the near future!

The Innovatebiz Team

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