Establishment of “School of Security” by Innovatebiz in Greece

In November 2019, following our regular practice of searching on the Internet for remarkable and creative projects in which we offer our support, our expert associates in charge of this responsibility located on YouTube the channel of the Didactics project “My name is Teacher”. With the help of our university teacher colleague from Greece and specializing in Didactics, we evaluated the project, which from the first moment gathered our interest for its original approach. We also studied its impact on social networks and found that teachers in Greece follow the project and express themselves in a very positive way. Finally, we made some contacts in Greece with our partner, who confirmed the above estimates. We contacted the creator of the project, Mr. Fotis Pantopoulos, we offered him cooperation and in January 2020 we undertook the support of the project in an English-speaking environment under the name “Innovatebiz”.

The European project extends its activities in three pillars, according to the terms of the cooperation, and is based on the Israeli-made Didactics model of Mr. Pantopoulos under the name “Pantopoulos Teaching Project”. Specifically, it deals with the development of Didactics models for teachers, for business executives and executives in the field of VIP Security. Particularly in the latter subject, Mr. Pantopoulos has served for 17 years during the period 1990-2007 in the Israeli environment, where he received the relevant know-how on which the project as a whole is built.

After a series of impressive actions for their size and impact in Greece during the period from January 2020 to April 2021, we decided to propose to our partners the creation of the Greek section of Innovatebiz, under the name “Institution, the Greek branch of Innovatebiz ”. Among these actions, we attach special importance to the internet show “SECURITY ISSUES”. This is a prototype for the Greek media project, which refers to the crucial field of VIP Security, but also of safety and prevention in daily practice in general, which we have the pleasure and honor to implement thanks to knowledge, experience and kind offer of three remarkable people, excellent professionals and very capable collaborators: Gialitakis Manolis, Matalliotakis Giannis and Pantopoulos Fotis.

The great success of the show and the excellent cooperation between us pushes us today 20/5/2021 to suggest to our collaborating trainers -with absolute confidence in the quality of their educational work and responding to the challenge for quality training projects in the critical field of Security- to undertake the organization and operation of the “School of Security” that we decided to establish in Greece, in order to responsibly disseminate knowledge that concerns everyone both personally and professionally.

The Innovatebiz Project Team

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