Joanna Skiftou (Photographer): “Follow your dreams wholeheartedly!!! Respect everyone and everything!!!”

What a pleasure to feature an intimate interview with Joanna Skiftou, a master and romantic photographer that creates by heart. Having achieved a respectable position among the best photographers, Joanna talks about her exciting career, the long but challenging journey, and the ways she keeps herself motivated. Joanna wants not just to make pretty photos; she speaks through her shooting style! that’s why it is essential for her to communicate her passion and take photos to challenge the assumptions of her audience.

How were you first introduced to the world of photography and when did you realize that taking photos was not just a hobby but a career path you wanted to follow full-time?

In my early years, I got a small camera as a gift. I used to shoot everything at any time. I felt I had things I wanted to express through those photos. Then at the age of fourteen, I was offered the opportunity to become the junior member of the staff at a local photography studio. After a couple of years, I knew it was a one-way road.

You are well known for photographing themes “off the beaten path” both aerial and on the ground such as heavy industries. What draws your initial interest in a project as an artist?

There is a universal truth about the elements of which either animate or inanimate creations are comprised. To manage to capture a second of this truth or even a part of it and depict its existence has been an uncompromising challenge and blessing -if I have succeeded- which I have always been drawn to.

Every photo is a story. How do you approach storytelling as a professional photographer?

With a gaze. If I do well, I will have enabled the viewers of my photos to sense what was before that gaze, and what probably comes after it and click with them.

Creating meaningful work is a challenge. What are these “unique qualities” that make you the best photographer in this field?

I am not sure if I am the best. What I am sure of, is that I constantly feel enamored of photographing the fashions of light or shade, colors, and their combinations. To show them in clear, joyful, and humorous ways.

“Have an eye for detail and be creative in your own way”. Can these skills possibly ensure professional projects without any questionable content in the photographs?

I am skeptical. As I see it, high professional efficiency requires more. Adept technical knowledge and a clear perception of natural laws are indispensable to elevating talent to a higher substantial body with real perspectives.

What inspires or motivates your creativity? Is there something that acts as your muse?

In my eyes, life itself acts as the most rewarding, generous, and inspiring muse.

What is your biggest fear in your career? Can possibly competition in this industry be one factor that stresses you?

Competition can certainly be stressful at times, but in all fairness, it acts as a reminder of the values and ethics I abide by in life and work. What I wish not to end, is to continue to cooperate with respectful businesses and industries and create images through the lens of my camera.

Undoubtedly photography is your passion! What are your other passions?

I am not sure if it is right to be called a passion, but it works like one for me. I am really keen on walking around picturesque neighborhoods in the city, traveling a lot as well as studying ancient history.

In your leisure time, are you shooting too? What kind of pictures do you like to capture?  

I rarely take photos in my spare time unless something intrigues or inspires my notion of beauty.

Looking back, how would you describe your career journey? How has your work evolved over the years?

A journey with a particular departure point, following a strenuous uphill with enticing destinations and in some cases spectacular views of the horizon.

Professional photographers see things that few people see. How would you deal with a client that is unhappy with your work because has her/his own concepts?

As it happens, never have I argued with any client in terms of concepts. Each project compares to a short or long trip. The client accompanies me to the initial point that I will need to return to, carrying with me and imprinting in my photos the overall idea of the aim targeted, along with my inner gaze and aspiration. Thus, when I return, the client’s concepts and mine should converge.

What other projects can we expect from you in the near future?

Reciprocal policies in industries and sound business establishments interest me a lot. Consequently, companies with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability as well as companies investing in modern and to-be technologies, are the ones that intrigue me and look forward to working with.

Can you share a bit of advice on the lesson learned?

Follow your dreams wholeheartedly. Believe in yourself and be diligently devoted to achieving them. Embrace any difficulties as means of self-evolvement. Respect everyone and everything.

How can our audience get a hold of you?

For more information, and samples of my work, you might visit my website or contact me by email [email protected] either through my LinkedIn account

For sure Joanna creates meaningful work by dancing with her subjects. Thank you, Joanna, for being such a positive person and sharing your thoughts with me!


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