NICOLAS ZIAKAS (FOCUS ON GROUP LTD): “Promise less than what you will eventually offer”!

Nicolas is the Founder & CEO of FOCUS ON GROUP LTD. Nicolas holds a bachelor’s from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (Patras Uni.) and has extensive training and certifications in the fields of Information Technology. In 2008 Nicolas decided to start his own entrepreneurship journey and founded FOCUS ON GROUP LTD. In the era that Industry 4.0 and digital transformation are on everyone’s lips, we caught up with Nicolas to hear all about digitalization, customer experience, and the importance of adaptability in business.

How did FOCUS ON GROUP LTD get started?

FOCUS ON GROUP LTD was founded in 2008, aiming to provide a range of online services and content on businesses in order to fill the gaps in that given fluid conditions. In my opinion, a successful online business is divided into two main areas: the field of development and design (website, e-shop, mobile, and tablet app) and the field of Digital marketing. With a clear focus on driving greater value, we devise our strategy on businesses’ real needs and innovation while building and strengthening our engagement with customers remained our top priority. Since then, we keep following the same successful recipe. Our business starts growing rapidly in the coming years with many collaborations all over the world. The team brings deep knowledge and expertise and nowadays we have a physical presence in Greece, Cyprus, and UK while our collaborations expand in more than 18 countries.

Does investment run at high risk nowadays?

In situations such as this, “at-risk” is not to take risks! The opportunities are either out there or we create them. This of course depends on the standards and goals that each of us has set for their own growth.

In your opinion, what are the essential three elements of Business Success?

The three elements of success are just simply one! Doing ordinary things unusually well!

What was the hardest thing you have experienced in running this business?

Looking back over my long career journey, I would cite that the most challenging part was finding the right partners. The success of a company depends on its people, much more when they share the same passion and goal with you.

Can you please share a piece of advice that someone gave you and you still keep following it?

The best piece of advice I have ever been given was “Promise less than what you will eventually offer”.

“A business that does not have a website, does not exist”, I would love to hear your comment on this statement?

In these days of technological change, digital identity is considered essential. A website (Website / E-shop) is the showcase of any business on the internet. Therefore, when users search for products or services on the internet and there is no business website, it makes sense not to have sales at all.

What about entrepreneurship in Greece? Are there any areas gaining particular interest and demand?

There’s an increasing demand and incredibly enviable opportunities in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) and especially in the tourism industry. At the same time, the actions taken in recent years in the country’s economy, are in the right direction and create opportunities in other sectors.

What makes you stand out from the competition?

We do not conceive other companies in a competitive way. On the contrary, our approach is establishing and maintaining healthy collaborations with everyone. I am of the opinion that what customers actually need is to partner with them much consistently and at the same time deliver value faster. In this context, being open, exchanging thoughts, and endorsing partnerships is a great way to be much more effective and bringing lifetime value to our business.

What does failure mean to you? Do you agree that failure is inevitable?

Some decades ago, Churchill state that “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. My experience taught me that when you try, there will be failures! But the knowledge and experience of failure is the one that can lead you closer to your goal!

Tell us a bit more about the V-Meeting service

The V-Meeting is a free service and has been implemented for the last 3 years at FOCUS ON GROUP LTD. Through this service, we provide direct communication of each company with its personal consultant via video call. With this innovative and pioneering service, they save time and solve any question immediately.

How was your business affected by the pandemic and the lockdowns?

Through the pandemic, there has been rapid growth in our industry. As all businesses have rushed to create an online business. Either more intensely than before for those who already had one or by taking the first steps for those who did not even have a website. Online businesses are in an unprecedented transformation state and the actions are taken today will play an important role in the goal-setting by every entrepreneur. Customers should be very careful when choosing the most suitable internet consultant and the right business partner.

What are your future plans? Is there anything new that you would like to share?

We are working on an innovative support program for all Greek companies through our services that will soon be announced on all digital channels as well as in the rest of the media.

What advice would you give to the younger generation and future entrepreneurs?

I would give the same advice I always give to people surrounding me: To do what really makes them happy and creative!

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