COOPERATION ANNOUNCEMENT between “My name is Teacher”, “Innovatebiz” and “Institute of Management of Manmade and Natural Disasters P.N.C.P.C.M.”

Dear friends,

After a long course of more than three decades in the fields of Education, Entrepreneurship, and Security, during which your support has been a determining factor for the continuation of the project and its current form, we are -after many important steps in the last three years- pleased to announce another important collaboration:

From 15/12/2021 our projects 1) “My name is Teacher”, 2) School of Didactics “Pantopoulos Teaching Project”, 3) Innovatebiz, 4) Institution-The Greek branch of Innovatebiz, 5) School of Safety Didactics, (hereinafter referred to as projects or Programs) cooperate with the Ιnstitute of Management of Manmade and Natural Disasters (IDAFK – PANHELLENIC NETWORK OF CIVIL PROTECTION AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT) with the purpose of jointly supporting and expanding their public benefit activities, as they are described in the Articles of Association and/or in their Founding Declarations, aiming in every case at the safeguarding of the interests and prosperity of the society, the state, and the citizen.

The IDAFK – PANHELLENIC NETWORK OF CIVIL PROTECTION AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT is a body recognized by the Greek State and enjoys the Approval of Educational Planning and Opinion of the Institute of Educational Policy of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, and is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Attica Region for all the Regions of the country and the School Units Abroad, which were provided to it with official documents, after its actions were evaluated and their philosophy and practice for the public benefit were confirmed and recognized as particularly important and imperative for the time, the international circumstances and challenges and -consequently- the needs arising from them.

Our projects, structured on the basis of the dissemination of knowledge, as we have repeatedly declared and are constantly doing, join today in this honorable collaboration with the Disaster Institute after exploring our common aspirations, goals, and expectations, but also with the common belief that knowledge and education are undeniably a dynamic investment and a strong legacy for the present and future of societies.

With the certainty that didactic subjects such as Prevention, Security, Entrepreneurship, Risk Management, Training of teachers and trainers, and many more that are described and derive from our Founding Declarations are a key issue in our time, we announce today this cooperation and we invite you to support our actions so that the joint effort of all of us can guarantee the future we want for our children!

Thank you!

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