“My name is Teacher” and “Innovatebiz” choose Kapwing for their educational work!

The period of the pandemic hindered the educational process significantly, but -as everyone admits- familiarized even skeptics with the idea and the reality of distance education. The project “My name is Teacher” has been developing since 2012 an important action in the field of distance education for students, teachers and business executives and today is pleased to announce that it is beginning the production of educational material in a multilingual environment.

We made this decision for many reasons: The most important one is the support offered to the project since January 2020 by a Dutch group, which, however, wishes to remain anonymous. Thanks to the help of this group, our European project “Innovatebiz” was created, which during the last 15 months has offered free educational services to a Greek audience through a number of actions. Equally important is the support of friends and supporters of the project, all those who benefit from our actions, believe in our mission and follow us with dedication, giving us the strength to continue. It would, however, be a major omission if -speaking of the factors that determined our move- we do not point out that such an endeavor could not have taken place without the valuable tools of the Kapwing platform.


Kapwing is a creative software company that enables the creation and promotion of quality digital content. With a range of highly user-friendly browser-based tools, Kapwing enables video output from any device. Designed and based on the modern needs of digital content creators and constantly updated, based on a strong know-how but also the constant interaction with its audience, it sets the stage for collaborative video creation and helps digital media producers improve content production.

After many months of research and in accordance with the high demands we place on the material that we offer to our audience, we initially chose Kapwing as a subtitle tool for our videos. We were impressed by its great sensitivity in recognizing the Greek language in the videos, but also the very good quality in the rendering of what we said in the foreign languages that we wanted to translate. It is obvious that the creators of the platform have taken into account all the needs of the users but also the requirements of both the internet and the market, which are developing rapidly. Comparing Kapwing with the corresponding proposals of the competition, we consider that it is an honest value for money solution, especially after taking into account how many free tools the platform includes in its free version. This is also the right philosophy for those companies that understand the market and give time and opportunities to the user to evaluate the true quality of their product.



Although we found Kapwing in search of a multilingual subtitle tool, we now use many of its other features, which are truly amazing. We really like tools like the Video Editor, Green Screen Video Editor, Remove Image Background, Translate Video, and -as we pointed out above- everyone can easily understand from the use of the free version itself that this is an amazing proposal, which will surely satisfy even the most demanding user.

We would like to thank the creators of Kapwing and wish them continued success in their creativity!

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