Announcement of “Executive Interviews” section

Our venture is growing and through this transformation journey we are delighted to introduce the “Executive Interviews” section. This section will be a voice for executives to share their insights and experience on the most updated topics. We are pleased to announce that our partner Rosie Drosou will take over this project as “Communications Affairs […]

NICOLAS ZIAKAS (FOCUS ON GROUP LTD): “Promise less than what you will eventually offer”!

Nicolas is the Founder & CEO of FOCUS ON GROUP LTD. Nicolas holds a bachelor’s from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (Patras Uni.) and has extensive training and certifications in the fields of Information Technology. In 2008 Nicolas decided to start his own entrepreneurship journey and founded FOCUS ON GROUP LTD. In the era […]

Ιnstitute of Management of Manmade and Natural Disasters P.N.C.P.C.M. (IDAFK), “My name is Teacher” and Innovatebiz at Montessori Community School

On behalf of the projects My name is Teacher, Pantopoulos Teaching Project, School of Didactics “Pantopoulos Teaching Project” and our European project Innovatebiz, we warmly thank IDAFK P.N.C.P.C.M. and President Xenia Georgiadou who support our projects! Education builds and guarantees the future and we are grateful to all those who recognize it and with their […]

Marketing solutions for SMEs

Today SMEs are facing intense competition, especially with the rapid development of e-commerce driven by big international companies. Thus it is evident that they need to come up with smart, innovative, and original marketing ideas. Being physically present no longer guarantees sales, as many SMEs had to find out the hard way during the recent […]